• Suppress Cravings
  • Burn Fat
  • Supports Metabolism
  • Weight Management
KICKSTART - Morning Tea

KICKSTART - Morning Tea

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Get ready to transform your body into a slimmer & healthier version, with our morning Kickstart tea.  This tea is designed to give you more energy, reduce cravings, burn fat all day and help you lose weight!.  

All natural, Vegan, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free & No Nasties & no laxatives!  No strainer required!

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Start your day with a natural energy boost & all day fat burning!* Our KICKSTART fat burning morning tea is an amazing blend created to provide natural energy & fat burning throughout the day without leaving you feeling jumpy or jittery. Made with 100% all-natural ingredients, this KICKSTART Tea Blend can replace your morning cup of coffee and sustain the energy you need to take on the day!

What’s Included:

  • 30-Day KICKSTART Fat burning morning tea

    All natural, Vegan, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free & No Nasties & no laxatives!  No strainer required!

    30-Day KICKSTART Fat burning morning tea

    Our Super Active Ingredients Include:

    1. Green Tea Extract  

    • Supports metabolism
    • High in antioxidants
      2. Ginger  
      • Balances Appetite
      • Supports healthy digestion
        3. Green coffee bean 
        • Supports metabolism
        • Supports fat burning & appetite control
          4.  L-Carnitine L Tartrate 
          • Supports Healthy Energy
          • Supports Fat Burning
          • Supports Brain Function
            5. Pure Lemon Juice Powder
            • Supports gentle detoxification
            • Supports healthy digestion

              Drink your Fembody KICKSTART™ every morning, recommended before breakfast. Take one heaped teaspoon 5g of tea and add 250ml boiling water. Stir thoroughly.

              Recommended for adults only. If you are taking prescription medication, or are pregnant or nursing, consult your health care provider prior to using this product. Every individual has their own medical and physical conditions, therefore we cannot foresee any adverse reactions to our All-Natural blends.Our morning tea has a very low caffeine formulation so that you experience no jitters or put any stress on the body

              Results not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

              Fembody has been designed to support an active lifestyle and nutritional diet.

              This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

               KICKSTART - Fat Burning Tea

              How it works

              100% Vegan & Natural

              Supports Healthy Energy Levels

              Supports The Body In Times Of Cravings

              Supports Healthy Metabolism

              Supports Fat Burning

              Supports weight management

              Customer Reviews

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              No Jitters

              Finally a tea I can drink without feeling shaky and jittery. I am in love with this tea. The taste is incredible and I can immediately feel a difference in my energy after consuming. Highly recommend


              I love this product, replaced my coffee in the morning. Tastes amazing

              Love my energy

              I used to be a coffee addict until I came across the Fembody Kickstart morning tea. I have so much energy. Love it

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